Microsoft Outlook for iPadOS now lets you drag and drop files in split view

Microsoft has released a new update for its Outlook app on iPadOS that should improve multitasking on the email app. The latest change adds support for drag and drop in split view, among others.

With the new update, you can now attach files and images by dragging and dropping them from OneDrive, Files, Photos, Safari, and Outlook email attachments when you use apps side-by-side on an iPad. The drag and drop capability, in particular, is not something new with Outlook for iPadOS as Microsoft announced support for this feature for the app’s composer last month. Split view was also introduced to Outlook for iPadOS earlier this year.

In addition, the app now lets you drag and drop contacts from Search to its recipients list. Here’s the full changelog on the App Store:

The update brings the app’s version number to 4.60.0 and is now available to download on the App Store.

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Microsoft Outlook for Android and iOS get updated with improvements and bug fixes

Microsoft has released a new update for its Outlook app on Android and iOS. The new update brings improvements and bug fixes to the iOS app. For Android users, the new update improves the dual-screen experience. Here is the full changelog for the update:

  • The side-by-side views you know and love are now optimized for the two screens on your Samsung Fold and your tablet. Log onto Outlook and enjoy the familiar pairings of your inbox with an email, or your agenda with an event.

Here is the full changelog for the iOS update:

  • This update includes performance improvements and bug fixes to make Outlook better for you.
    Feel free to send us any comments or questions by going to Settings > Help & Feedback – we’d love to hear from you.

Microsoft has been consistent with updates for the Outlook app. Earlier this month, Office Insiders got an option to sync multiple calendars with Outlook. Last month, Microsoft brought support for custom notification actions as well as ‘Play my Email’ feature to Outlook for Android.

The latest update bumps the Outlook for Android app to version 4.2035.2 and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The iOS app, on the other hand, gets bumped to version 4.55.0 and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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Microsoft Teams gets a new GitHub integration

Microsoft is launching an integration between its GitHub coding platform and the Teams communication tool. The goal is to make it easier to discuss and act on GitHub projects directly from within Teams, similar to how the service already integrates with Slack.

As for what the integration actually does, it’s possible to follow specific repositories or organizations, so you can get notifications for activity from them. Naturally, it’s also possible to unsubscribe from said repositories.

Whenever an activity – such as pull requests or issues – from a certain repository is posted on Teams, it will show up in a card, which is always updated with the latest status of said issue. The card is also actionable, so you can take action on that activity, like closing and reopening issues, or commenting on pull requests. The integration also lets users open all-new issues from within Teams.

The integration also lets Teams unfurl GitHub URLs, so you can easily see information from a GitHub page whenever a link is posted in a Teams chat. That includes the ability to view specific comments that are linked to, so you don’t always have to open the website itself.

GitHub integration with Teams is now available in public beta, and you can try it out by installing the GitHub app from the Teams app store. If you have any feedback, you can contact GitHub support. office setup

PowerPoint Live is now generally available

Earlier this year,Microsoft announced that Live Presentations was coming soon, and we are excited to share that it is now generally available on PowerPoint for the web.

When Microsoft first announced PowerPoint Live, we saw excitement from both enterprise and education customers around how this feature could be utilized during in-person events—conferences, lecture halls, corporate all hands, town halls, and more. Of course, the world has changed a lot since then.

Microsoft know that as more physical events and meetings take place, PowerPoint Live will prove to be a very useful tool for connecting with your audience and communicating more effectively, which Microsoft are excited to show you. However, Microsoft also have tips below on how to use this capability now in remote work and learning scenarios.

Providing a personalized presentation experience to each audience member

Every presenter knows how hard it is to get—and keep—your audience truly engaged throughout a presentation. The PowerPoint Live experience can assist users in making their presentations engaging and inclusive.

Everyone in the audience is able to connect from their device (laptop, tablet, or phone) where they can follow along with the presentation, and they can also move back through the slides at their own pace without impacting the presenter. The audience can also provide instant feedback to the presenter in the form of live reactions—and provide comments and rate the presentation at the end.

In addition to all these capabilities, with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), everyone in the audience can enable live subtitles in their preferred language on their own device. It will help not only support participants with hearing disabilities, but also break language barriers and make sure that everyone in the audience is engaged and included.

After the live session, audience members can provide feedback to the presenter, via an optional survey powered by Microsoft Forms, so the presenter can receive responses and recommendations on how to improve their presentation skills.

Now you’re probably wondering: How can I use this feature today while working and learning remotely? While we know that Live will shine in these in-person settings, even though we are not always physically in the same room, Live Presentations in PowerPoint for the web is still available to be utilized today.

How to use Live Presentations remotely

If you’re utilizing a video conferencing tool like Microsoft Teams, simply connect to the Teams call and share the screen where you are opening the presentation in PowerPoint for web and click “Present Live.” At this point, everyone on the Teams call can see the QR code and short URL link they can use to connect to the live presentation. Your audience members from all over the world can scan the QR code using their mobile phones as companion devices to connect to the live presentation. After joining the presentation, they can choose subtitles in over 60 different languages, which help them to follow-along in their preferred language.

If anyone joins the presentation late, they will see the captions and already captured transcript along the previous slides. Everyone using Live Presentations can also navigate through the deck on their own, allowing them to spend more time on a slide if they missed something. Anyone in the audience can easily express themselves in real-time using Live Reactions, which helps not only to make sure that everyone is included in the presentation, but also provides very valuable information to the presenter on how the presentation is being received. At the end of the presentation, every audience member is prompted to rate the presentation and provide their anonymous feedback to the presenter. Afterwards, the presenter will receive an email with aggregated feedback including comments, which can help them improve future presentations.

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Microsoft details the Surface Duo’s camera app and features

One of a phone’s most used features is its camera, and yet relatively little was known about the Surface Duo’s camera. However, in a private Q&A livestream held by the Microsoft Store today, Microsoft has revealed a little more about what we can expect from the unique handset’s camera.

A series of screenshots detail the camera app that the phone will ship with, and there’s nothing unusual here. The app follows the traditional camera app layout that we have come to expect: the view from the lens covers the whole screen, with a large circular shutter button overlaid on top of the image. More interestingly, we can also see the different shooting modes, though these aren’t groundbreaking either with users being able to take one of a: photo, video, slow-mo, portrait or panorama. At the top of the UI are options for switching the flash on/off and setting a timer for a photo to be taken.

Unfortunately, the screenshots do little to reveal exactly how good the Duo’s 11MP performs; it seems as though we will have to wait until nearer the handset’s 10 September release date to find that out. It seems unlikely that the camera will be a major selling point of the device though, with it’s unique, hinged, dual-screen design seeing to that.

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Source: Windows Central

July’s Office Insider build now out for Windows users in the Current Channel (Preview)

Microsoft has released the monthly Office Insider build for Windows users in the Current Channel (Preview). This channel was renamed from Monthly Channel (Targeted) back in June, which was initially known as the Slow Ring. This month’s update bumps the version to 2007 and adds a few new features to Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Some features have been in testing in the Beta channel.

One of the improvements for Office apps across the board is the ability to insert High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) pictures from an iPhone. Apple added the ability for the iPhone to capture HEIF images in iOS 11. However, iPhone users have had to convert the images to a JPEG format before inserting them into the Office apps. It must be noted that users must have the HEIF Image Extensions installed. You can head to the Microsoft Store here to install the extension.


Excel is receiving the Sheet View feature that has been available for Beta Channel users. It was recently also released to macOS users in the Slow ring. Sheet view lets users create a personalized brief look to manipulate data using filters when collaborating with more users. Excel is also receiving the LET function that gives users group repetitive calculations in a formula for easier readability and improved performance.

Sheet view

Other improvements to Excel include creating PivotTables from Power BI data sets and performance improvements to the SUMIFS and its related aggregate functions. The functions now create internal cached indexes that can be reused when the same ranges are being used, resulting in faster calculations.

PowerPoint is getting improvements to Microsoft Stream video playback. A stream is the company’s enterprise video management tool. The service was integrated into PowerPoint a few months ago. Today’s improvements bring faster playback for Stream videos in the presentation tool.

Creating Outlook polls

Lastly, Outlook is getting a few new features as part of the July updates. You can now quickly create pools in emails by directly inserting a poll from the Insert button (pictured above). This build also brings the ability to automatically restore open items from a previous session if they have been inadvertently closed. Other improvements include the ability to disable @ mentions from the settings and cloud-based backup of settings and signatures when setting up a new device.